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Events Update - May 29

League Info:

Beat Saber World Cup added

Dane Saber Championship #3 added

Blaston VRML dates updated

Elven Table Tennis Season 3 Added

Tournaments Info:

VR Chat - Pool Tournament (5/28) by VRCon

Population One - Anarchy Prophets (5/29) by ARC

Cards and Tankards - Monday MixUp (5/30) by developer

Core Disruption - Community Tournament (6/3) by developer

Population One - AWP Cup (6/5) by ARC

Nock - Knock Nock Tournament (6/14) by VR League Italia

Walkabout Mini Golf - Green Tea Party (6/16) by VR League Italia

Recurring Events

Rezzil Player (Monthly) Tournaments

Omniverse (Monthly) Competition

Gods of Gravity (Biweekly) Tournaments

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